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Jazz from Scotland

Questio io

Questio io

Questio io brings together six of the most exciting musicians from Glasgow’s increasingly interconnected jazz and folk scenes. Sitting somewhere between the two genres the band is “a mesmerising fusion of folk and jazz” resulting in “something utterly surprising and totally fascinating”!

Their debut album ‘Take A Moment Apart’ is a collection of tunes written by Michael Owers which explores “a diversity of ideas that draw equally from the reassuring charm of Scottish folk song and the restlessness of improvisational jazz”, shows “a great presence of mind and firm navigational sensibilities” and has been described as “a unique and wonderful album.” by Neil Mcfadyen when he included it on his Top 10 Albums of 2016 list for Folk Radio UK.

questio io are

Greg Barry – Drums (Elephant Sessions)
Gillian Fleetwood – Scottish Small Harp/Vocals (The Duplets)
Michael Owers – Brass/Keys (SNJO)
Charlie Stewart – Bass (Dosca)
Innes Watson – Guitar (Treacherous Orchestra)
Laura Wilkie – Fiddle (Fat-Suit)

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