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Jazz from Scotland

Tom Bancroft: Trio Red

Tom Bancroft (Scotland – drums) (Trio AAB, Dave Milligan Trio, Orchestro Interrupto)
Tom Cawley (London – piano) (Curios, Acoustic Ladyland)
Per Zanussi (Norway – bass) (Zanussi 13,  Arve Henriksen, Paal Nilssen-Love)

Trio Red features 3 innovators from 3 of the most vital jazz scenes in Europe. Between them they have played a key role in some of the most groundbreaking signature groupings in their home scenes over the last 15 years, as well as playing with a wide range of global music greats including Sun Ra, Peter Gabriel, Bugge Wesseltoft, Hamid Drake, Martyn Bennett, Geri Allen, Satoko Fuji…

Live performances feature the musical approach presented on the new CD, material like a mash up of Joan Armatrading and Ornette Coleman, a Jeff Buckley cover and some of Tom Bancroft’s original compositions mixed up with very accessible melodic and rhythmic improvised pieces where the focus is on interaction, empathy and compelling collective musical storytelling. Trio Red have played at the London Jazz Festival, Islay Jazz Festival,

Aberdeen Jazz Festival, Shetland Jazz Festival, toured supporting the Yellowjackets performed at many venues across the UK and will be featuring in the Made in UK Program at the Rochester Jazz Festival in the US in June 2015.