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Jazz Juniors International Exchange: Competition & Showcase  2017 – Poland

We have just been notified of these 2 interesting opportunities for jazz bands to apply to participate in this event in Poland in early December – one a competition and the other a showcasing possibility.

1. Jazz Juniors International Exchange Competition
 This competition is organised by the  Foundation for Film and Jazz Music, Poland (Fundacja Muzyki Filmowej i Jazzowej w Krakowie) and is part of the Jazz Juniors International Exchange project.   Their objectives in their own words are:

a) to identify the most valuable jazz bands and musicians

b) to present the latest achievements of the young jazz

c) to provide young musicians with an opportunity to confront their achievements by participation in jam sessions, and concerts organised during the festival.

The completion is open to bands under the age of 33yrs with a closing date of 9th October. Full details are on the website /competition/ or direct through link Jazz Juniors International Exchange – Competition 2017

2. Jazz Juniors International Exchange Showcase – For the showcasing, there is  there is NO age limit but the band needs to have released a CD in 2016 or 2017 and to find a Partner who is willing to offer a prize to the winning band e.g. a Festival appearance and is willing to become a jury member.  The Jazz Juniors Exchange will cover a fee, transportation & accommodation for showcase bands who are successful in being invited to Krakow

Full details: at /showcase/ and a video can be watched here

The deadline for both applications is October 9, 2017.  Applications are free.

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